Downloadable Forms

Bid Card Template

Chapters need to use the exact text written on the template, but fraternities are encouraged to alter their bid cards to fit their own preferences. Size, color, and graphics can all be modified.

New Member Reporting Form

This form is used to cover general campus policy with all new members of the fraternity and sorority community, and will serve as the grade release form for a particular member, so long as said member is affiliated with a social fraternity or sorority. These forms are required for all individuals for which a chapter is wanting a grade report from.

Academic Reports

This will direct you to the main Fraternity & Sorority page for Academic Reporting. This page will also include overall academic rankings of the chapters, and the community, along with semesterly statistics on performance tracking.

Incident Report Form

If a student, regardless of affiliation, feels as if they have witnessed an action which breaks the Code of Conduct for RSOs, as determined by the Department of Student Life, and Community Standards of Student Affairs, then this student is encouraged to submit an Incident Report. These reports are consistently reviewed, and can be submitted anonymously.

Recruitment Resource Guide

This document serves as a general overview of many different aspects of recruitment, base don recruitment type. We understand that some organizations may be more formal, or informal, than others, so we have created this guide to cover general topics of recruitment, and also serve as the basis for Fraternity and Sorority Life's Recruitment Workshop Series.

Greek Leadership Manual

This document was created by Fraternity and Sorority Life to simply be a resource for new chapter leaders, and a reminder for experienced chapter leaders, of the various facets of leadership inside of a chapter, and risk reduction/crisis response information.