How to Join a Fraternity or Sorority

More than 1 in 4 Missouri S&T students join a fraternity or sorority. Becoming a member of an fraternity or sorority is an exciting journey which complements the total college experience. Membership is challenging, rewarding, and fun.


Membership and living in a fraternity or sorority to fulfill your housing requirement with the University is an exciting and unique opportunity. These organizations are all different, with many options to choose from throughout the recruitment process. Students are able to reside and socialize in an environment that promotes friendship and support.


In all instances, house cooks/chefs will prepare a number of hot meals during the week, with the menu created by you and the other members. Becoming part of the fraternity/sorority community enables you to live more independently in your living unit-just like you would at home. You have many choices when it comes to living at college-make it unique! Please take a moment to review the recruitment process:



Fraternity and sorority residence information will be mailed to interested students. If you are interested in this living option, please check the box that corresponds with interest in fraternity/sorority life. You may also call (573) 341-4329 or email at to request more information.


If interested in the fraternity living option, you will be contacted by members from our fraternities. They will give you a more in depth view of fraternity/sorority life here at Missouri S&T, and will invite you to visit campus and tour their fraternity house.


For women interested in the sorority living option, you may register for sorority recruitment. Sorority recruitment takes place the weekend before classes begin in the fall semester. You can register online, or by returning a registration form, which can be found in the sorority view book, or online at:


Fraternities will set up visits to campus and recruitment events. These events could consist of fraternity barbecues, float trips, baseball games, trips to campus, and others. This gives the student time to socialize with other potential and current members of the fraternity. This is a great way to meet current students and get involved!


Open recruitment. A Missouri S&T student can decide at any time to join a fraternity or sorority. Once a male student has decided to join a fraternity, he must return an invitation to membership (bid card) to the Greek Life Office. Invitations to membership can be handed out by any member of a fraternity at Missouri S&T. The student can then move in to the fraternity house at any time. If the student joins and returns an invitation in the summer, he can move directly into the fraternity House for the fall semester.