Mass E-Mail Policy

The campus mass email policy is designed to enable students, staff, and faculty to effectively communicate announcements, events, and important dates to the general campus community. The student body has been clear that it is the desire of the students that this policy be used for academic and personal use, and includes relevant and important information only.

Therefore, the following approval process will be used for mass E-mail to the student population: The Department of Student Life staff will be responsible for posting approval for all messages. The Student Body President will also have the authority to determine if the proposed message is of importance to the student population and can also recommend that the message be distributed in compliance with the mass email policy.

Students and other individuals wishing to utilize the mass email policy are encouraged to contact Student Life at least 10 days before their event to ensure that it is properly communicated. Activities which are approved by the Department of Student Life appear in the campus calendar and are frequently advertised in the Missouri Miner student newspaper. Proper planning for the marketing and advertisement of campus announcements and events is crucial to the compliance of this policy.

For more information on the Student eConnection and other ways to successfully market programs and events, please see the Department of Student Life website or contact us directly at



































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