Missouri S&T Fraternity and Sorority Life is dedicated to creating unique opportunities for personal and professional growth by forging new, meaningful relationships, fostering an inclusive environment, and encouraging deeper engagement with the campus and local communities.






Empower Community:

As members of one diverse community we will work toward supporting and challenging each other to succeed.  Through the development of collaborative partnerships students will step up to create solutions to real world problems thus living out their fraternal values.

Foster Growth: 

Fraternities and Sororities allow individuals to reflect on who they are while providing a frame work on how to become the best version of themselves.  Through personal accountability, hard work and openness students will challenge their comfort zone and develop a greater sense of personal and community awareness.

Create Understanding:

Through events and conversations students will be exposed to cultural similarities and differences within Fraternity and Sorority Life.  Engaged students will learn to respect and understand how to be inclusive and supportive of all members of a global community.